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Posted by: Final Take Productions

Wedding Video Shots by Final Take

  • Excited Celebration

    Excited Celebration

  • Guys Doing Their Thing

    Guys Doing Their Thing

  • Beauty Pagent

    Beauty Pagent

  • Seal The deal

    Seal The deal

  • Epic Kiss

    Epic Kiss

  • Private Moments

    Private Moments

  • We Are Legal

    We Are Legal

  • The Tosses

    The Tosses

  • Down The Aisle

    Down The Aisle

  • Our First Toast to Each Other

    Our First Toast to Each Other

  • Remote Wedding Logistics

    Remote Wedding Logistics

  • Happy Bride

    Happy Bride

  • Wedding Day Smiles

    Wedding Day Smiles

  • The Wedding Party

    The Wedding Party

  • Proud Groom

    Proud Groom

  • The Guests are Arriving

    The Guests are Arriving

  • Off to The Photo Session

    Off to The Photo Session

  • Happy Newly Weds

    Happy Newly Weds

  • We Did it!

    We Did it!

  • Newly Weds Stroll

    Newly Weds Stroll


Varirty of shots to demonstrate what we do.