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Wedding Vendor Norm Normal Productions in Margate FL

Norm Normal Productions

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Margate, Florida 33063

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See Beyond The Norm

Contact Details

Company Name Norm Normal Productions
Position Owner
Year Established 2004
1521 NW 80th ave
Margate, FL 33063
United States of America
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mon- sun 9:30 am to 7:00 pm Mon- Sun 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM
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About Norm Normal Productions

A little Bit About Us

We are a multi media company with a passion for photography and cinematography.

Hello, My name is Franchesca Edwards and I met my other half Ian Edwards at College in pusuit of an art form we call Photography. I found beauty, culture, life, and love one frame at a time. They always say when you travel in the direction of love, it finds you. Since I met Ian, my life changed dramatically in a way only one that has found their soul mate could describe. I learned That no matter how hard things can be, there is always a memory , a color, a shape, a sweet texture, a vibrant feeling, and the world is a huge wonderful picture that we change every day. Ian taught me everything that I know about photography and cinematography. And I taught him how frame with love. His passion for this Art Form is contagious. I am a better soul every day thanks to him and my kids. I love shooting Weddings because it reminds My Husband and I about the commitment we made. Everytime we shoot for a client we realize that these images will be shared forever. They are not just cheesy High School pictures that we keep in an attic, they are the pictures that frame the rest of our lives. Those pictures mean the world to the bride and groom, and mean the world to us. Needless to say we take our job Seriously. They say you have only one chance to show the world your greatness. We believe that every day is a new chance. We have our good days, and our bad. But every day we get back up and rise stronger. Not only as a company but as a team, and as a family. We go back to the drawing board again and again until it is perfect. Technology is changing without a doubt. Now we are able to fly higher and go places we have never been. Some fear change, but Norm Normal Productions embraces it. We are approaching the point of a camera being the price of a paintbrush. Big production companies fear this, where as we do not because technology will always change. A peace of art will last forever in the hearts and minds of us all. We will give our last breath to keep the integrity of this art. We are Norm Normal Productions

Our Philosophy

Norm Normal Productions at its core is the antithesis of Normal. The name Norm Normal is a statement. That we are not normal and no one person on this planet is. We are all special and creative in our own way and we love to express that quality.

The company's management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Norm Normal Productions Services maintains an environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. Additionally, the environment encourages employees to have fun by allowing creative independence and providing challenges that are realistic and rewarding. All of our competitors specialize in one aspect of video production. We are a diversified company. We are not seasonal based, our services are offered throughout the year. With our diversity, we are able to attract the larger organizations that like to entrust one company to handle all of their affairs. Norm Normal Productions Service's management team is highly experienced and qualified. The management team is lead by "Norm"Ian Cullen Edwards and "Normal"Franchesca Edwards.

Who We Are

We love what we do and put all our passion into our work. We are flexible from low end to high end budgets. We are an agency that can produce multimedia video for all your needs. We are a Company that:

Values the Customer and is flexible and fair with his or her budget

Has high definition broadcast and cinematic camera value without the Hollywood budget

is highly resilient and can move from place to place with portable lights and equipment

Has experienced staff with Many years in the field of Photography and Cinematography

Can write, produce, direct, shoot, and edit an entire project from start to finish

Uses industries finest software from editing with Adobe premier, rendering graphics in After affects, or Color Correction in Davinci Resolve

"Every day that one is given a chance to create beauty through an art is a gift. The only way to express my joy,my sadness, love, and above all graditude for the life on this earth is to show the viewer a piece of how I see the world and it is beautiful!"


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Submitted by Rebecca Holmes on Wednesday, Mar 09, 2016

I highly Recommended Affinity Wedding Films by Norm Normal Productions

I've had the most wonderful experience with these guys! They really went above and beyond, they were dedicated and every time I met with them I left with the biggest smile on my face knowing my husband and I were getting exactly what we wanted. They worked around our busy schedule and we could not be any happier with them! You will never have to worry with these guys they work hard so you don't have to. Thank you guys so so much. You have been so kind to my husband and I and we can not thank you enough! I have amazing photos and a wonderful video trailer. If you are looking for Photo & video services for your event. Don't look no further because these guys can customize any type of package for you.

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