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"Hi Daniel,I'm not ac"

Hi Daniel,I'm not accepting any fault for this, it's just sad to see this heppan. The shared accommodation properties are a truly unique environment that fills a need in our city. As I've mentioned before, we have provided a safe comfortable landing place for hundreds of newcomers to Calgary and even people between places.We lowered rent a little over a year ago to attract more clients during the slower economy, but at this point we are very near the stage where we can start pushing them back up. With weekly rentals it does become easier to change prices as the market demands.The model we run makes it tougher to try and get extra cash up front from the tenants as many of them struggle just getting the damage deposit and rent together the first week. It makes for more challenging landlord demands, but it also creates some pretty nice cash flow. If we keep a property full for a month we generate just over $3,400 gross income a month, compare that to a typical single family rental Bill

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