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Wedding Vendor Mariachi Romanza in Long Beach CA

Mariachi Romanza

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Long Beach, California 90805

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Keeping traditions alive, while keeping up with modern music

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Company Name Mariachi Romanza
Position Musical Director
Year Established 2005
Long Beach, CA 90805
United States of America
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Professional Background

any. we get booked fast, plan ahead of time. any. We get booked fast, plan ahead of time.
cash, check, card, paypal, quickpay, etc cash, check, card, PayPal, QuickPay, etc
participants of the world largest mariachi performance. Participants of the world largest Mariachi performance.

About Mariachi Romanza

Thank you for contacting us. We might available for your event, and we have different options for you so we can fit your needs. Mainly the difference would be in the number of musicians you would like to have. Our full mariachi is made of 9 people.

Let’s start with our Mariachi duo option; this is the heart of Romanza. For our performance of 2 hours, we charge $385, or $240 for an hour. Our prices include transportation (we are based in Long Beach), costumes, sound system, etc. Everything!

If you would prefer to have our Mariachi Trio Romanza, that would be $550 for those 2 hours, $350 for a 60 min. serenade.

For our Quartet is $680 for 2 hours, $470 for the serenade. (60 minutes).

And for our Quintet price goes to $795 or $580, same amounts of time.  


We provide our own sound system, and even audio portable for gardens, and places where there is no power available. Also we provide a DJ mix for our break, so music is continuing at your party. Everything is included for the same price.


We truly are an excellent mariachi ensemble. You can browse videos of us, and read excellent reviews of us at Gig Salad or Gig Masters. We are full time musicians graduated from El Camino College and the Conservatory of Music, 100% committed to what we do. We are elegant, fun, professional and reliable.

When performing we not only do traditional mariachi (unless you like us to stick to it, that is not problem!), but we could also combine huapangos, rancheras, cumbias, oldies, jazz standards, Cuban music, flamenco, Andes music, etc. So everyone is pleased with our variety.

Also, we have available a combination of traditional instruments with electronic technology, so you get both worlds, resulting in a much fuller sound than bigger ensembles than us; but again, if you like only traditional, we stick to it.


To consider a date secure, we require a deposit of 50%, also we send you a contract.

Do not hesitate in contacting me for any other questions you might have.



Rodrigo Rodríguez and his Mariachi Romanza

310 4906454


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Submitted by Hilda on Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015

Great Singers!

I hired them for Mom's Birthday and everyone loved the singers!! I will not give them 5 only because I believe there should always be space for improvement.

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